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If one were to mention a spa town near L.A., one could not leave out Desert Hot Springs.

It is a highly popular recreational area, and many hotels line the streets.

Desert Hot Springs

Most spa towns in the U.S. tend to desolate, but those in the suburbs of Los Angeles are a different story.

Desert Hot Springs 01

Desert Hot Springs is a large resort with more than 20 spa hotels.

Indoor pool with Buddha statue

Nurturing Nest was a small motel with a total of seven rooms.


Unobtrusive appearance like an ordinary private house.


The room was small, reminiscent of an old-style motel, and I was surprised that there was not even a TV in the room.

Information Board

There was an outdoor pool in the courtyaRoad

Outdoor Pool

The view of the mountains beyond the wall was attractive.


There was a large indoor bath next door, and clothing was required in all areas.


The depth of the indoor pool was about the chest of an adult.

The spring water at Desert Hot Springs is hot, and although I do not know the source from which this facility draws its water, some seem to be around 160 degrees F at the gushing point.

Indoor Pool
Why the Buddha statue?
Hot springs and New Age go hand in hand.

In the indoor pool, the hot water was poured directly into the pool, and it was impossible to get close to the water outlet.

In other words, high-temperature thermal water was poured into a large pool to achieve a free-flowing water supply without any added water.

Soaking 01

On the other hand, the amount of new water was small compared to the size of the pool, and the drain was on the same side as the water outlet, which seemed to result in insufficient discharge of dust.


I decided to get as close as I could to the hot springs and enjoy the fresh water.


Desert Hot Springs is vibrant, which is good, but it can be a bit commercial.

In this regard, I liked Nurturing Nest because it had a rustic calmness to it.


Nurturing Nest Mineral Hot Springs & Spa, Desert Hot Springs, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Lodging

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 140 degrees F

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