Gold Strike (Nevada) Hot Springs (Lake Mead National Recreation Area) - Hot Springs in Nevada


The closest hot springs to Las Vegas.

However, it is not a place that can be casually visited, so you need to be prepared for that.


The trail is closed from May 15 to October 1 every year due to extreme heat. It is possible to enter from the Colorado River direction by canoes.

Upper pools

No hot springs are more of a beginner's trap than the Goldstrike.

It is located off I- 11, slightly closer to Las Vegas than the Hoover Dam, the tourist attraction known to all.

Trail 01

Located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, but in an area that does not require a daily parking fee.

It is a 6-mile round trip hike from the parking lot to the hot springs.

It may not have been accurate to call it a hike.

Trail 03

The route, which descends 1,500 feet down a slot canyon toward the Colorado River, includes a series of eight ropes.

Despite being known as a difficult route, it was easy to find, and I saw families wandering in and struggling here and there.

The same thing happened to me, and the difficult route caused a fight between the couple.

You should plan well in advance.
Sorry about that.
Upper Pool 01

The first pool was about 70% of the way to the turnaround point.

Let's call this the upper pools for convenience.

Hot water of 109 degrees F seeped out from between the rocks and formed several small pools.

Upper Pool 02

The rocks themselves were quite hot from the sunlight, but it was a true hot spring.

The water was tasteless and odorless.

Lower pools

Lower Pool 01

Almost at the turnaround point, there were lower pools.

Lower Pool 03

This one was a large pool with sandbags that could fit about 10 people.

Trail 02

The water temp was as low as 100 degrees F, and apparently, the subterranean water from the upper pools came to the ground.

Lower Pool 04

The amount of water in the canyon gradually increased as it collected thermal water and went to the Colorado River.

Lower Pool 03

About a mile downstream from the Hoover Dam, on the other side of the river was the state of Arizona.

On the left, I could see the highway bridge that continues from the starting point.

Colorado River 01

From here, if you go left along the river, you will find another hot spring, Sauna Cave.

If you go right, you will find yet another hot spring in Boy Scout Canyon.

You will probably need a canoe to reach it safely.

Colorado River 02

But that's all for this time, when the harsh trail brought the couple to a crisis.

Plan for hot springs.


Gold Strike (Nevada) Hot Springs, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 109 degrees F

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