Bamboo Pool - Hot Springs in the U.S.


Big Bend National Park, in the State of Texas is known for the hot springs, which is so-called Langford Hot Springs gushing right next to the Rio Grande River.

Few people know that there is another hot spring.

Prada Marfa

It may be a good side trip to drop in Prada Marfa before going to Big Bend National Park.

Prada Marfa

This sculptural art installation constructed in 2005 was designed to resemble a Prada store, but does not sell actual Prada wares.

It locates in the middle of nowhere.

The sculptural invention can be interpreted as criticism of consumerism, but whether intentionally or not, it is also argued that it reinforces the capitalist values it criticizes.

Prada Marfa 1

I see it interesting that it now became one of instagramable tourist destinations.

Target Marathon

Target Marathon

There is another sculptural art installation.

Nothing is known who made this for what, but it looks inspired by Prada Marfa.

The tiny shack is designed to resemble a Target store, but contains absolutely nothing.

Rio Grande Village

Hot springs are located in the area of river bed of the Rio Grande River, which makes the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Rio Grande Overlook

There are four well-maintained campgrounds in the huge national park.

Rio Grande Village Campground 1

I chose Rio Grande Village Campground that is closer to hot springs.

Rio Grande Village Campground 2

Some ruins of the early settlers can be seen in the premises.

Hidden Gem

It is possible to walk to the hot springs from Rio Grande Village, but takes over two hours for a round trip.

So I drove to the parking lot of Langford Hot Springs.


It is only ten-minute walk to Langford, but this time I have a different destination.

Passing by the famous pool, go further along the Rio Grande River.

Signboard 2

Soon another path to the parking lot joins from the left side.

Signboard 1

A signboard shows the distance to Rio Grande Village.

The trail goes to hillside, looking down the floodplain in the right.


Don’t overlook the first wash.

Right before crossing the wash, there is the path at 4 o’clock.

Entrance 2

Flood can change the landform greatly around the hot pool.

Entrance 1

Actually, it seems just an animal trail in the bush.

Trail 2

How do you find it?
By animal instinct.

Trail 1

Here it goes!

The Bamboo Pool is really close to Langford Hot Springs, but is hard to find.

Bamboo Pool 1

It is completely covered by common reeds.

The water temperature is warm, 99 degrees F.

Water Temperature

It looks to me lacking the cleanliness on the muddy bottom.

However I got so excited to find the hidden gem.

Bamboo Pool 3


Bamboo Pool, Big Bend National Park, Texas, U.S.


  • Style
    Undeveloped (entrance fee required)
  • Rule
    Clothing advisable
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 99 degrees F

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