Boat Box (Elkhorn) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in Idaho


There are not so many choices in the U.S. if you like to dip in a cauldron hot tub.

This one is, surprisingly fed by natural hot water.


There is information that the tub is gone and currently unavailable.

Too many hot springs

Countless hot springs are in the northern mountains of Boise, Idaho.

Stopping by every cloud of steam, you cannot go away.

Other Gushing Point 1

Even such unnamed water hole is hot.

The riverside across the highway has small hot pools as well.

Other Gushing Point 2
Hot springers must be busy.
That’s good.

Cauldron hot tub

Boat Box Hot Springs is one of the most famous spots in this area; you would find bunch of pictures on social media.

It is easy to find, due to the apparent steam.

From the Highway 1

A few vehicles can be parked at the side of the road.

Looking down on the river, there is the extremely impressive-looking tub.

From the Highway 2

This is the entire Boat Box Hot Springs; pretty small.

As it is highly accessible, always there are visitors.

Riverside 1

I came down to the riverside of the Salmon River.

Some primitive rock walled pools were seen.

Riverside 2

This hot spring is maintained by a community in the nearby town, Stanley.

Cauldron 2

The name derives from a wooden tub at the same location those days.

Cauldron 5

After the former tub was swept by flood, the new cauldron was placed.

It made this spot much more characteristic.

Cauldron 1

The cauldron is for two persons.

Cauldron 3

Geothermal water is always provided through a PVC pipe.

Water temp

It easily becomes too hot to soak, so that usually hot water has to be discharged like this:


The edge of the tub is covered with wood plates that have a smooth feel.


Clothing rule is unclear; however clothing is recommended because the highway is very close.

Source 2

The PVC pipe is from the underground of the road, providing plenty of water.

Source 1

Another pipe is for one of the rock walled pools.

It may be a good idea to dip in this, while waiting for the cauldron to be available.



Boat Box (Elkhorn) Hot Springs, Stanley, Idaho, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing recommended

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 136 degrees F

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