Ahalanui Park (Big Island) [CLOSED] - Hot Springs in Hawaii


Of all the hot springs on the Big Island, Ahalanui Park is the one most often featured in the media.

This family-friendly park is equipped with showers and has lifeguards on duty during the day.


In June 2018, this place  was lost in a lava flow from the eruption of Kilauea volcano.

Halemaumau Crater

Located within the caldera of Kilauea Volcano, Halemaumau Crater contains a lava lake.

During periods of volcanic activity when the lake level rises, it can be seen from the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum without a helicopter scenic flight.

Looks like it's closed indefinitely.
You can't expect to reopen.

Warm hot springs cove

A one-hour drive east from Halemaumau brings you to Ahalanui Park by the ocean.

Picnic Area

The park was free but well maintained, with showers next to a covered picnic area.


Through the dense jungle at the far end of the cove was a cove with hot springs resulting from Kilauea's volcanic activity.

Full View1

It was about 500 feet square, surrounded on all sides by manmade wharves, and looked more like a huge swimming pool than a beach.

Full View3

The ocean side was connected to the Pacific Ocean by a narrow channel, and although there were no waves, it is affected by the ebb and flow of the tide.

Pacific Ocean2

The maximum depth at high tide is about six feet; children should be careful.


However, lifeguards is on duty during the day, so there is no need to be too nervous.

If you are a hot spring enthusiast, you will want to know where the water outlet is located in any hot springs you visit.

Soaking 01

It is the same for coves like Ahalanui.

After several dozen minutes of frantically searching for the water outlets, I discovered that warm water was seeping out of a gap in the shoreline on the landward side of the most landward side, at the moment the waves receded.

Gushing Point

The closer one gets to land, the higher the water temperature becomes, and it is assumed that warm water gushes out over a wide area from the surrounding bedrock, but even so, the water was lukewarm at about 91 degrees F due to the effect of mixing with sea water.

Tropical fish were entering here and there from the ocean side channel.

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Compared to the nearby springs on the Big Island of Hawaii, Isaac Hale can be superior in terms of warmth, and Champagne Pond can be a better snorkel spot.

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The beautifully maintained Ahalanui, while family-friendly, may be a bit lacking.

Pacific Ocean

But this blue sea and sky might be enough already.


Ahalanui Park, Pahoa, Hawaii, U.S.

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Type: Walk-in (free of charge)

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 91 degrees F

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