Los Azufres Spa Natural - Hot Springs in Mexico


Suppose, there is a world ranking list for Stinking Hot Springs.

Definitely, this hot spring in the Mexican geothermal area will be ranked high in the list.

Geothermal Power Station

Mexico has the 5th countries on earth that has geothermal resources.

Geothermal Power Station

Several geothermal power stations are located in the forest, with a roaring sound.

Spa or Stinking Bog

It is understandable that hot springs gushes around there.


Los Azufres Spa Natural is one of the most popular lodging facilities around there.

I noticed their intention to advertise it as a "luxury spa," using a beautiful model enjoying mud bath.


The walk-in is welcome with only 60 pesos.

In the parking lot, a mass of rock belches out volcanic gas with strong sulfur smell.


There are two bogs artificially dammed in the center.

This is the view from the opposite side to the entrance.


Later on, I soaked in the bogs.

There are camping spaces and cabins in the most remote part of the premises.


The cabins look clean and new.

Even a small restaurant is there, so you can stay all day long if you feel like it.


They have a series of manners for soaking, which a staff explained me at the beginning.

First, I changed into a swimsuit in the gender-separated changing room.

Personal belongings need to be stored in your car.

Changing Room

The second step is a 10-minute soak in Baño de lodo termal (Mud Bath), which is the larger bog.

The water temperature was around 86 degrees F.

Baño de lodo termal1

Going around the bogs, I found an inflow from a stream, but there was no distinct outflow.

I guessed that the fact might not be like hot water gushing, but high-temperature vapor heating the pool.

Baño de lodo termal3

The contained materials seem to be condensed, which adds the water thickness.

Is it okay from a sanitary point of view?
Those who believe shall be saved.

Most part of the larger bog is roped-off area.

Baño de lodo termal2

I saw unusual bubbling there.

Tons of mud is deposited at the bottom.

Mud Bath1

I was asked to smear it to my face and body, by scooping up or using the prepared mud.

They explained that it contained an ingredient to make the skin beautiful, but it was awfully stinking.

Mud Bath2

According to my knowledge and experience, the smell was that of a ditch.

Other guests had a big fuss saying "That stinks!"

Mud Bath2

Bog again, after Temazcal

The third step is a 15-minute Temazcal (steam bath).

Temazcal Natural1

The humble shack is the bathhouse.

It is charged with natural high-temperature steam.

Temazcal Natural2

Finally, dip in Baño de agua termal (hot spring), which is the smaller bog.

The water temperature varies from 95 through 113 degrees F, depending on the location.

Baño de agua termal1

Volcanic gas gushes from the bottom, and the water surface ruffles.

I happened to put my foot on the ejection hole, and jumped up in alarm due to the high temperature.

Baño de agua termal2

In the first place, was it okay despite the smell of a ditch?

I showered myself thoroughly, but the smell remained on the skin.

My experience was totally opposite to a "luxury spa," but I really liked the interesting hot springs.


Los Azufres Spa Natural, Los Azufres, Michoacán, Mexico


  • Style
    Walk-in / Lodging
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 113 degrees F

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