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Hot Creek, which is now closed to soaking and can only be viewed.

On the other hand, "Little" Hot Creek is still open for soakers.

Hot Creek Geologic Site

Hot Creek Geologic Site is worth a visit for everyone.

Hot Creek Geologic Site 02

Amazing hydrothermal springs, the result of a 760,000-year volcanic eruption.

This park, which can be visited freely from sunrise to sunset, is now only open for strolling.

Hot Creek Geologic Site 01

In fact, swimming had been allowed in the river until 2006.

The river into which the hot water is poured, rather than the sources, which boils to a turquoise color, is usually at the right temperature.

Hot Creek Geologic Site 03

However, the water temp can rise instantaneously in the river, and 14 people have died here in the past.

You say that so plainly.
Thank goodness they banned soaking.

Hot Creek on a smaller scale

Now, Little Hot Creek, a miniature version of Hot Creek, was in a rather confusing location.

Go north on Whitmore Tubs Road, an unpaved road, and turn left when it hits Owens River Road.

Source 02

Turn left on Forest Road 3S138 and after a short while, I found sources on the left.

Road conditions are quite poor, so a vehicle with high road clearance is required.

Source 01

The source area was dotted with small hydrothermal springs.

The ground surface is fragile, so be careful not to step over it.

Stream 02

Hot water poured into the stream and the entire river was warm, just like Hot Creek.

Stream 01

A narrow plank was passed across the stream to cross to the other side.

Pool 01

Here was a fine concrete pool.

There was room for four people.

Water Outlet 02

The interior was smoothly sculpted and had an overhanging bench.

The water outlet was below the surface of the water, and the amount of input could be adjusted by manipulating the valve.

Water Outlet 01

When fully opened, thermal water of 115 degrees F was poured.

No particular odor was detected from it.

Pool 02

It is the most inconveniently located of the Long Valley Caldera's group of wild hot springs and is often vandalized because it is out of sight.

If other pools are full of previous visitors, why not give it a try?

Soaking 01


Little Hot Creek (Siphon) Hot Springs, Mammoth Lakes, California, U.S.

My rating

Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing optional

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 115 degrees F

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