Fales Hot Ditch - Hot Springs in California

A waterway crosses the highway downstream of the historic spa resort.

The slightly warm water flows from the source on private property.

Fales Hot Springs

A 13-minute drive northwest of Bridgeport, famous for its wild hot springs such as Buckeye Hot Springs.

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Steam will be visible along Route 395 during the colder months.

This is due to the warm water that flows out of the closed spa resort and flows down the creek.

Fales Hot Springs "Resort"
Mountains of Moss - Fales Hot Springs "Resort" (2014)

Fales Hot Springs, founded in 1877 as a hot springs resort, is located next to a stagecoach stop, and the owner, Samuel Fales, was said to have been famous for tall tales.

It was closed in 1852 due to a butane gas explosion.

In 1854, it moved a little north and reopened for business, but then it also went out of business.

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Although some of the original buildings remain, they are used as private residences.

It appears that until a few years ago one could approach the former bathhouse, but access is now severely restricted.

Please refrain from trespassing.

Artificial Stream Channel

Steam 02

The stream crosses south of the private residence, passes under the highway, and is downstream of the hot springs.

It's so artificial.
There's nothing tasteful about it.
Steam 01

The source seemed to be gushing 180 degrees F hot water, but the water temp had dropped considerably after mixing with the creek water.

Water Temp 01

In winter, the actual water temp was 70 degrees F.

In summer, the temperature is about 90 degrees F.

Downstream 01

The distance from the source made it seem susceptible to temperatures.

Downstream 02

The thigh-deep creek was barely warm.

The noise and glances from cars passing by on the highway bothered me, and it was not a pleasant soaking experience.

Downstream 03


Fales Hot Hot Ditch, Sonora Junction, California, U.S.

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Type: Undeveloped

Rule: Clothing recommended

Chemical use: No

Water temp: Up to 180 degrees F

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