Rose's Plunge - Hot Springs in the U.S.


This hot spring was located next to a community center that looked like it had been abandoned.

In the silence, the signature mineral spring water was pouring out.

Camas Recreation Center

I came to the state of Montana in search of a place named "Hot Springs".

I entered Flathead Indian Reservation near Glacier National Park, which borders the Canadian border.

Signboard 1

The roads were not even paved.

What do you feel from the landscape of the Indian Reservation?

Signboard 2

It was a sentimental sight, at least for me.

Overview 1

This is called Camas Recreation Center.

It seemed to be closed and deserted.

Courtyard 2

I did not know exactly what the facility was for, but I assumed it was some sort of public facility.

Entrance 1

It seems that there was a bowling lane on the inside; it was definitely intended for community interaction.

Entrance 2

There was a corner fenced off in front.

This is the hot spring.

Courtyard 1

Hours of operation are from sunrise to sunset.

You don't need to walk through the building to get inside.

Door 1

After putting $5.00 in the small box on the wall, open the fence door.

No one but your own conscience can verify your payment.

It's not very commercial.
It's a public facility, after all.

Amazingly Rich Texture

Picnic Area

A picnic table under the shade of a tree.

There was a concrete pool behind it.

Pool 2

The pool was slightly covered by the gazebo.

Water Outlet 2

The clear, colorless water was poured in through a PVC pipe, making a sloshing sound.

Water Outlet 1

It accentuated the silence of the surroundings.

Water Temp

The water temp was 115 degrees F.

It was hot, but the relatively large size of the pool made it possible to soak just by natural cooling.

Steps 1

Clothing is required.

It was chest-deep enough for an adult, so I went down the steps.

Steps 2

The water had a pronounced burnt smell, common to spring water in Hot Springs.

Soaking 1

It was smooth to the touch.

Ceiling 1

I was amazed that such wonderful water was being poured with so little management.

Soaking 2


Rose's Plunge, Hot Springs, Montana, U.S.


  • Category
  • Rule
    Clothing required
  • Chlorination
    Not detected
  • Water Temp
    Up to 115 degrees F

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