Rose's Plunge - Hot Springs in Montana


A hot spring attached to a seemingly abandoned community center.

Excellent water was poured into the tranquility.


Some say that this is for locals only. Please consider visiting based on the latest local information.

Camas Recreation Center

I came to Montana in search of a place named Hot Springs, entering the Flathead Indian Reservation, close to Glacier National Park, which borders Canada.

Information Board 1

The road was not even paved, even though it was in the city.

What do you perceive from the Indian Reservation landscape?

Information Board 2

For me, at least, the scene was sentimental.

Overview 1

This is Camas Recreation Center.

It seemed to have been closed for a long time and was deserted.

Courtyard 2

I do not know exactly what the facility was, but I assume that it was a public facility of some sort, given the sense that it is a disproportionately large structure for this rural town.

There were bowling lanes and other facilities inside, no doubt in the purpose of community interaction.

Entrance 04

There was a fenced-off corner in the front.

This was the hot spring, and was open for business.

Courtyard 1

Hours of operation were from sunrise to sunset.

It was not necessary to walk through the community center to get inside.

Door 1

Once you have stuffed $5.00 (as of this writing) into the small box on the wall, open the door provided in the fence.

It means there is no one to confirm your payment except your own conscience.

That's not very commercial.
I like it.

Quality water

Picnic Area

Picnic table under the shade of a tree.

Behind it was a concrete pool.

Pool 2

The pool was slightly covered by a wooden gazebo.

Water Outlet 2

The clear, colorless spring water was being fed through a PVC pipe, making a sloshing sound.

Water Outlet 1

This, in turn, accentuated the silence of the surroundings.

Water temp

The water temp was 115 degrees F.

It is a fairly hot, but due to the relatively large size of the pool, it was at a temperature where soaking was possible only by natural cooling.

Steps 1

Clothing is required.

It was deep enough to soak an adult's chest, so I went down from where the stairs were.

Steps 2

The water has a pronounced burnt smell common to the Hot Springs.

The texture was tender to the touch.

Soaking 1

The feeling was so heavy and dizzying that it was hard to imagine from its appearance.

Ceiling 1

I had no idea that so much good quality hot water was dripping down the drain with little management.

Hot Springs, Montana was full of unknown surprises.

Soaking 2


Rose's Plunge, Hot Springs, Montana, U.S.

My rating

Type: Walk-in

Rule: Clothing required

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 115 degrees F

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