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Sierra Grande, a Ted Turner Retreat (Truth or Consequences) - Hot Springs in New Mexico


A hot spring hotel owned by media mogul Ted Turner.

The hotel exudes a distinctly high-quality atmosphere in the rustic spa town.


It reopened in January 2023 after a three-year closure due to the pandemic. The current situation may differ from the time of my visit.

Healing Waters Plaza

In downtown Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, there is a park that looks still new.

Healing Waters Plaza 02

In this small park, Healing Waters Plaza, the town's famous thermal water was poured over and could be freely touched.

Healing Waters Plaza 01

Launchpad for eco-tourism

Just across the street from Healing Waters Plaza is Sierra Grande.

Built in 1928-29, it has one of the longest histories in the spa town.

Entrance 01

In 2013, Sierra Grande took on a new mission when Ted Turner, one of America's leading media industry figures and businessmen, purchased the hotel.

Ted Turner is the founder of CNN, an Atlanta-based news channel.

Signboard 01

What did such a person have in mind when he purchased this old hot spring hotel?

The key to this is Turner's nearby Ladder Ranch and Armendaris Ranch.

Entrance 02

His private land holdings are said to be the second largest in the entire United States.

An avid conservationist, Turner is committed to sustainable conservation by protecting endangered species such as the American bison on his sprawling ranch and establishing a tourism industry that connects guests with nature on his private land.

Building 01

Sierra Grande may be a kind of launch pad for such eco-tourism.

Guests come for the spa with its natural hot springs and fine dinners and are thus exposed to Turner's grand mission.

Bedroom 01

When you make a reservation, please choose a room with "Hot Springs" in the room's name.

Bedroom 02
Turn the handle at the back and pour in hot water.
That's exciting.

Some of these rooms have geothermal water drawn from the source, allowing guests to enjoy it beside beds in their own rooms.

Restaurant 01

Sierra Grande's restaurant is open to non-overnight guests.

Dinner 02

Rather, I personally recommend that you stay at one of the cheap inns in the area and still use this restaurant.

Dinner 01

The food is consistently delicate and delicious and is the best choice if you are looking for something special to eat in the area and do not mind the price tag.

Building 02

Overnight guests had free access to a 30-minute private bath once a day (reservation required).

Outdoor Tub 02

Cold drinking water and plenty of towels were provided, but 30 minutes was too short a time.

If you do not ask for paid spa services, I felt it was essential to get a room with hot springs.

Outdoor Tub 01

One outdoor pool protrudes into the garden in front.

Private Tub 03

There were at least three indoor tubs, all of which were deep enough.

Private Tub 02

The design of the largest indoor pool was amazing, with nature painted on three walls, and the rocks in the painting and the water outlet were one and the same.

Private Tub 01


Sierra Grande, a Ted Turner Retreat, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, U.S.

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Type: Lodging

Rule: Private pool, Room with thermal water

Chemical use: Not detected

Water temp: Up to 109 degrees F

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