Wild Willy's (Crowley) Hot Springs - Hot Springs in the U.S.


This is by far the largest of all the hot springs in the Long Valley Caldera.

A boardwalk on the muddy plains leads you to the place.

Open 24/7 365

Generally hot springs in California's Long Valley Caldera are  small and mostly crowded.


Wild Willy's might be the only exception.

Even if a hot tub you are looking for is packed, this place can be big enough to stay at any time.

Dirt Road

From Benton Crossing Road, I entered the dirt road to the east.

It was well maintained and easy to pass.


While the small rocky hill comes into view, it's impossible to miss the parking lot.

Park the car and start the short hike of 0.2 miles one way.

Boardwalk 1

The ground is loose as it skirts by Crowley Lake.

A nice boardwalk leads to the hot springs.


On a windless day, a spectacular mirrored view can be seen on the right.

The Pools on the Right

The trail suddenly ends at the hot spring.

Boardwalk 2

Large pools are formed on the right side of the trail.

Let's call these the right hot springs for convenience.

Muddy 3

If you look across the boardwalk from the right hot springs to the other side, you will see a small rocky mountain.

There are the other hot spring pools at the foot, which can be the left hot springs.

Water Temperature

I observed many geothermal activities around the right hot springs.

Muddy 1

Water was tasteless and odorless.

The surrounding area was badly muddy and troublesome.

Muddy 2

If you are not careful, not only will your shoes get stuck, but you may fall and get covered in mud all over.

Largest Pool 1

Even if pools look suitable for soaking, be prepared to get a little dirty because the bottom is mud too.

Largest Pool 3

This might be a disadvantage that sets it apart from the other several hot tubs in this area.

Nevertheless, the experience of soaking in the middle of nature was irreplaceable.

Largest Pool 4

Hot water flows out as a stream and cooling proceeds.

Hot Creek 2

Around here, there were many small fish swimming in the waterways.

I guess fish like hot springs too.
Careful! They'll end up boiled.

Hot Creek 1

The Pools on the Left

The left hot springs were smaller; accommodate with as many as five people.

There was quieter atmosphere due to the calm activity of the springs.

Smaller Pool 2

Water appears to be a bit muddy.

Smaller Pool 1


Wild Willy's (Crowley) Hot Springs, Mammoth Lakes, California, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 106 degrees F

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