Three Mile Hot Spring [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY] - Hot Springs in the U.S.


No one seems to have interest in the beautiful milky-white water gushing close to the town.

Enjoy the remarkable texture of the water.


Currently this place is closed to public.

Close to Town

Wells is a city located in the north east of Nevada is known for 12 Mile Hot Springs.


The natural hot springs are 12 miles apart from the downtown; a lot of campers visit there.

Even hot springs enthusiasts may not know the existence of another hot spring, 3 Mile Hot Spring that is 3 miles from Wells.

Muddy Road

In the middle of the way to 12 Mile Hot Springs, turn right sharply to the dirt road.

It becomes muddy soon, as tepid water flows from the left.

Stream 1

Park the car by the roadside and walk to the blackish cliff.

Rocky Mountain 1

Mineral-rich Water

I found the pond fed by milk-white water.

Rocky Mountain 2

A massive amount of mineral deposits are attached around the flow of water discharge.

Around here the water was approximately 104 degrees F.

Stream 2

It was one of the starting points of the stream I have seen.

Milky White 1

I observed the oval pool and noticed that someone created it by placing large rocks.


Turning around, there were mountains with a thin layer of snow; just awesome.

Mountains 1

Few people visit here probably because of the strong smell.

It is noteworthy that such sulfur smell is generally recognized as bad smell.


I don't like the creepy algae...
They're kinda hot springs friends.

The fresh water was flashing from the gap of rocks, ruffling the surface.

Milky White 2

It was around 3-feet depth.

Water Outlet

Sometimes I felt it too hot when fitting myself in the gap.


The water quality was remarkably robust as if my skin was coated with mineral constituents.

Water Discharge

Overlooking the spectacle, I was so impressed that I was in the picturesque scenery, being naked.

Mountains 2

If I live in Wells, this hot spring will be where I want to visit even every day.


3 Mile Hot Spring [CLOSED / PRIVATE PROPERTY], Wells, Nevada, U.S.


  • Style
  • Rule
    Clothing optional
  • Chlorination
  • Water Temp
    Up to 104 degrees F

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